Bioplastics in endoscope handles - Ambu

October 17, 2023 #Sustainability

At Ambu, we aim to create solutions that not only improve healthcare for professionals and their patients, but also have the lowest carbon footprint possible.

We continuously invest in the research and development of technologies and materials that lower the carbon footprint of our products, and by extension, your hospital’s carbon footprint.  We apply the principles of the circular economy to how we design, manufacture and dispose of our medical device solutions. We have to fundamentally change how we develop our products and circular thinking is the key.

One tangible example of this, is the introduction of bioplastics in our endoscope handles. From the user’s point of view, there will be no difference in the look, feel and performance of our endoscopes. With the use of bioplastics in our endoscope handles, we lead by example for the single-use medical device industry – and make a difference to the world. We have embarked on a sustainability journey and the use of bioplastic is just a first step. We will keep introducing circular initiatives that lower the carbon footprint of our products. Doing better for our planet is a joint effort, so we hereby invite you to Join The Ambu Circle.