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Airway Management & Anaesthesia

Ambu AuraGain 3D animation with aScope3

426 views April 05, 2017

See the 3D animation detailing the AuraGain, and the use together with aScope3

Ambu King Vision - Video Laryngoscopes

KingVision aBlade from AOD

1,136 views July 18, 2014

This video from Airway On Demand shows how to intubate two patients using the new Ambu aBlade...

Emergency Care

Ambu Man - display monitor

1,581 views April 26, 2011

This video shows how to open the display monitor of Ambu Man, to show ventilation volume and...

Emergency Care

Ambu Man - hygienic system

1,772 views April 26, 2011

This video shows the hygienic system of Ambu Man, consisting of a disposable bag in the head, and...