The cost and organizational impact of single-use bronchoscopes and their organizational impact

August 19, 2022

In this video, Jonathan Kerman, the director of the Interventional Pulmonary Program at the Medical College of Wisconsin, discusses the cost of single-use bronchoscopes and their organizational impact. He begins by explaining the basics of health economics, which is important in determining how to improve health outcomes and for optimal resource allocation. Kerman also explains the micro costing approach, which is the most precise way of collecting cost data.

He then discusses various studies conducted in Singapore, France, and the UK, which found that introducing single-use bronchoscopes can result in significant cost savings. Kerman also explains how single-use bronchoscopes are associated with a cost savings of over 200 pounds per case and a small gain in quality-adjusted life years. Additionally, he discusses the incremental cost savings of 133 Euros per case with single-use bronchoscopes in the bronchoscopy suite, which can result in over 90,000 Euros in annual cost savings.

Kerman emphasizes the significant expense area of repairs, which is often underappreciated, and how more data are emerging on the extent and variability of repair costs. This video is a must-watch for medical professionals interested in learning more about the cost and organizational impact of single-use bronchoscopes.